Affiliate Program

We’ve relied on word of mouth marketing since the day we launched. We believe the products we create not only solve independent musician needs but also change the lives of those musicians by helping them establish and promote themselves online.

It is because of your business and personal recommendations that we continue to grow and do what we love. Thank you for that!

Instead of just thanking you, we’d like to offer something a bit more substantial. Partner with us today by joining our affiliate program and earn up to a 35% commission for each customer you send our way. Get the detailed scoop below.

How It Works

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    Join Affiliate Program

    Partner with us today by joining our Affiliate Program! Once accepted, we'll provide you a unique referral link and access to affiliate assets and resources.

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    Share Referral Link

    Share your affiliate link by adding a banner or text link to your website, or by posting the link on social media.

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    Customer Purchase

    Hooray! The customer makes a purchase on AudioTheme thanks to your referral. We'll send you an email confirmation and track your sales.

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    You receive 20% commission on any sale that occurs because of your referral. Our tiered affiliate program allows you to earn up to 35% as your sales increase.

What's Included

  • Tiered Commissions

    Grow your commission rate from 20% to 35%. The more customers you refer, the greater your income. Learn more about tiered commissions.

  • No Minimums

    We pay out affiliates each month regardless of the number of sales generated. Affiliate payments will be issued once a month via PayPal.

  • Hassle Free

    We take care of the checkout process, processing fees, and product support. Start sending musicians our way and we'll take care of them and you.

  • Real Time Stats

    As an affiliate, you gain access to real time referral statistics. Using the affiliate dashboard, you can track referrals, visits, your conversion rate and more.

  • Brand Assets

    We provide affiliates with a variety of banner ads and advertising assets. Put one of our banners or your referral link on your site and start earning money.

  • Social Media Cards

    Our product pages display optimized text and images for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Sharing on social media just became that much easier.

Affiliate Program Registration

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