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AudioTheme is perfect for artists, musicians, bands, record labels, and anyone that manages websites for independent music makers.

  • Jeff Oster View Artist Spotlight

    “These themes fit PERFECTLY for the visuals of my new album, and my live band ... The music playlists, the navigation, the mobile friendly layout, the ease of use, ALL of it is just perfect for the web presence I wanted and will be happy with for many years to come.”

    — Jeff Oster

  • The Gibbonses Spotlight View Artist Spotlight

    “I just want to say, I AM NOT a tech guy. I’ve learned a lot out of sheer necessity these last few years, but please don’t think I actually know what the hell I’m doing! Lol. Using the AudioTheme framework I was able to put together a site that I’m proud of all on my own!”

    — Brandon Gibbonses

  • Coffeehouse View Artist Spotlight

    “It just really fits. We feel it represents us. It’s simple but elegant at the same time. It’s really easy for our fans to navigate through and the possibility to play our music right there without the necessity of using external sources. And a very important reason; the mobile version works great and keeps it simple but beautiful.”

    — Coffeehouse

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