AudioTheme Plugin

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The AudioTheme Plugin is a platform for powering music-oriented websites, allowing for easy management of gigs, discography, videos and more. The built-in features help you collect your content in one central location that you own and control. That means you no longer have to sign up for and manage dozens of fragmented services.

  • Keep fans updated with live performances, tour dates and venue information.
  • Assemble your albums, assign tracks, plug in your cover art and go.
  • Easily build your video galleries from over a dozen popular video services.
  • Store private notes about the venues you perform.
  • Have the power to add your own content, including dates, photos, videos, and blog posts.
  • One-click updates make updating to the latest releases hassle-free.


Upload cover images and assign titles and tracks. Everything you need to build your Discography is at your fingertips. In addition, you can enter purchase links to let your fans know where they can buy your music. We help guide you through the process to create a dynamic, user friendly Discography.

Gigs & Venues

Schedule all the details about your next show, including location (address, city, state), dates, times, ticket prices and links to ticket purchasing. Set up your venue information by creating new venues and assigning shows to venues you’ve already created. You also have the ability to feature each venue’s website, along with an address and phone number.


Showcasing your videos doesn’t need to be a hassle. All of our themes allow you the ability to create your video galleries by simply embedding videos from a number of video services such as YouTube, Vimeo,, and many more.