Spotlight: Echo du Oan’s

Spotlight: Echo du Oan’s

Echo du Oan’s is a team of French music aficionados who host a monthly radio program in a Rennes area pub.

Since 2009, the Echo du Oan’s team has been welcoming local musicians into the Oan’s Pub and capturing their live performances and interviews. These shows are shared through a variety of media, which you can find on the Echo du Oan’s website — running AudioTheme’s Promenade theme.

Echo du Oan’s is a monthly French radio program created to help listeners discover and rediscover musicians from the local Rennes and Britany music scene. Host, Ced’ — who is definitely Rock’n’Roll, but also open minded — welcomes a different band into the Oan’s Pub each month. The musicians are invited to play live songs and answer some interview questions.

Echo du Oan’s was created in 2009 with partners Canal B, a radio on Rennes area, Alter1fo, a specialized blog, and of course, the Oan’s Pub. Over the years, Echo du Oan’s has grown tremendously. The team is now able to offer many kinds of media to the fans. The broadcasts and live recordings are registered and mixed, and can be streamed as high quality Podcasts. A photographer takes photos and builds beautiful galleries of each event, and two cameramen capture the live songs and interviews which are produced into a high resolution video. Promotion and diffusion of the program is managed via social networks.

The Echo du Oan’s team recently built their website using the AudioTheme Promenade Theme. The goal of the website is to collect and organize all the past and future broadcasts in a nice and easy way. The Echo du Oan’s team knew they wanted to offer many different kinds of media such as photos, videos, audio, articles, and episode agendas. That’s why it was obvious that Promenade perfectly suits Echo du Oan’s needs, and it was totally adopted by the team and fans!

Here is how the Echo du Oan’s team is utilizing AudioTheme to share their broadcasts:

The Echo du Oan’s team has done a great job utilizing the theme to fit their needs. Check out their elegant, yet very Rock’n’Roll website here!

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