Cue Documentation

Install Cue like any other plugin. Check out the codex if you have any questions.


After installing and activating Cue, a new menu item labelled Playlists will be available. Create a new playlist and add tracks by uploading or selecting existing audio files to add (remote sources can be used as well). Track details are populated automatically using tags in the audio file, but the details may also be managed manually.


To display a playlist in a post, page or CPT, insert the

shortcode into the editor and specify the playlist id as an attribute. When editing a playlist, the shortcode is available for copying in a meta box just under the publish button.


Visit Appearance → Widgets and add the Playlist widget to a sidebar. Enter a widget title if desired and select the playlist you want to display. That’s it!

Template Tag

For more fine-grained control over where the playlist appears, a template tag is available.

<?php cue_playlist( $id ); ?>