CueBar Documentation


The process for installing CueBar should be familiar if you’ve ever manually installed a plugin before:


  1. Download CueBar from the “Downloads” section in your account on The file saved to your computer should be named in this format: cuebar-{{version}}.zip.

If you don’t have an account, you will need to purchase CueBar first.

In Your WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Plugins → Add New screen
  2. Click the Upload Plugin button near the “Install Plugins” screen title
  3. Click the Browse or Choose File button to find and select the zipped plugin file on your computer (see the note below if the plugin was automatically unzipped when you downloaded it)
  4. Click the Install Now button to upload and install CueBar
  5. If the plugin installed successfully, you will see a link that says Activate Plugin — go ahead and click it
  6. You’re done installing CueBar!

If the last step didn’t work, the permissions on your server may require you to upload the plugin manually via FTP.

Installing Cue

Cue is required for CueBar to work and is free in the plugin directory. After activating CueBar, a message will appear to automatically install or activate Cue if you don’t already have it enabled. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions on the Cue plugin page to install it.

Create a Playlist

Instructions for creating playlists can be found on the Cue plugin page in the plugin directory.

Assign a Playlist to CueBar

After publishing a playlist, it can be assigned to CueBar in the Players meta box when editing a playlist. Check the CueBar player checkbox and update the playlist.

Customizing CueBar

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Customize
  2. Click the Cue Players section to open it
  3. Choose a playlist from the dropdown for the CueBar Playlist setting
  4. Choose a primary color for the CueBar Color setting to change the appearance of CueBar