How to Disable Comments On Pages

When creating a post or page in WordPress, comments are enabled by default, however, it doesn’t usually make sense to leave them active on pages. Fortunately, disabling comments on individual pages is easy and plugins are available to disable them on all new pages.

Quick Edit

To disable comments on a single page:

  1. Go to the Pages screen in the admin panel
  2. Hover over the title (don’t click it) of the page you want to edit and click the Quick Edit link
  3. A Quick Edit form should appear — uncheck the Allow Comments checkbox
  4. Click the Update button

Comments are now disabled on that page.

Note: That should remove the comment form on that page when viewing it on the frontend, but if the page already has comments associated with it, they may continue to show unless you delete them.

Bulk Edit

If you have many pages, it can be a hassle to update them one by one. Instead, you can edit them in bulk:

  1. Go to the Pages screen in the admin panel
  2. Check the checkbox in the left column for each page that you want to disable comments
  3. Select “Edit” in the dropdown that says Bulk Actions just above the list of pages
  4. Click the Apply button next to that dropdown
  5. Change the Comments dropdown to “Do not allow”
  6. Click the Update button

Comments are now disabled for all selected pages.

Automatically Disable Comments

To disable comments on posts or pages by default, install the No Page Comment plugin.

The More You Know

It’s also possible to disable comments when creating a page, but the Discussion meta box is initially hidden. To toggle it on:

  1. Go to Pages → Add New
  2. Click the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Check the “Discussion” checkbox
  4. Scroll down the page until you see the Discussion meta box