How to Install a Theme

Themes from AudioTheme are installed just like any standard WordPress theme.


Download your purchased theme from the Available Downloads section in your account on The file saved to your computer will be a zip archive named after the theme in this format: {{theme-name}}-{{version}}.zip.

If you don’t have an account, you will need to purchase a theme first.

In Your WordPress Dashboard

  1. Browse to the Appearance → Themes screen
  2. Click the Add New button near the “Themes” screen title
  3. Click the Upload Theme button next to the “Add Themes” screen title
  4. Click the Browse or Choose File button to find and select the zipped theme file on your computer (see the note below if the theme was automatically unzipped when you downloaded it)
  5. Click the Install Now button to upload and install your theme
  6. If the theme installs successfully, you will see a link that says Activate — go ahead and click it

Congratulations, you’ve installed your theme!

Note: If the theme was automatically unzipped when you downloaded it to your computer, you will likely need to change a setting in your browser. This usually occurs on Macs. You can either rezip the theme folder, download the file with another browser, or read the instructions for changing that setting here.