How to Resolve Common Connection Errors

This article contains information for resolving common errors when trying to connect the AudioTheme Agent.

The redirect URI does not match the registered callback.

When you first connect to, your site’s URL is saved so we can validate requests your site makes to our server. Doing this helps make sure an unapproved third-party isn’t trying to make requests on your behalf and gain unauthorized access to your account.

Typically when you see the error message about your redirect URI not matching, you have either updated your site to use HTTPS instead of plain HTTP or the site has been migrated from a temporary URL to the final production URL. In either case, the URL has changed and doesn’t match the URL that was originally registered.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to let our server know that you changed the site URL:

  1. Go to the Dashboard → AudioTheme Agent screen in your WordPress admin panel
  2. Click the Help tab in the top most right corner of that screen
  3. Click the Update Now button at the bottom of that tab to update the registered information

That should resolve most issues related to the redirect URI not matching the registered callback.