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Hammer is a minimally modern WordPress theme with bold headlines, a masonry-style blog layout, and all the musician-essential features you’ve come to love from AudioTheme.

Masonry-Style Blog

Hammer features a masonry-style blog that presents your posts in a three-column layout for a quick overview of your content.

Masonry Blog

Site-Wide Jams

Highlight a custom playlist across the top of your entire site with the built-in audio player. The current track displays by default while the rest of your music is easily accessed with a playlist toggle.

Site-wide Audio Player

Custom Fonts

Beautiful fonts create a better browsing and more expressive viewing experience. With Hammer, you have the ability to customize your theme with 30+ hand-picked Google fonts. If you’re a Typekit customer, we’ve got you covered there too.

Custom Fonts

Make It Your Own

Use the Customizer to add a logo, update the background and accent colors, or even add a background image.


Upcoming Gigs

Display a list of upcoming gigs to let your fans know where you’ll be playing. The list automatically updates to keep your next date at the top.

Gig List

Past Gigs

Like upcoming gigs, you can display a list of past gigs for reference. Use the custom gig menu location to add links to yearly gig archives.

Gig Menu

Gig Details

Each gig has its own page, allowing you or your fans to easily share links via Facebook, Twitter, email, or other social networks. Individual gig pages display time, date, venue details, ticket information, calendar links, and more.

Single Gig

Gig maps are automatically embedded based on the address of the gig venue and link to Google Maps for additional details or directions.


The music archive presents your albums, singles, and EPs all on one page.


Like the gig archive, a custom menu can be created to link to separate album and single archives, or to add external links.

Record Menu

Single Records and Tracks

Single record pages display tracks in a clean and simple tracklist, allowing fans to listen to your music, and give you the option to add links to purchase your music. Each track links to an individual page where you can add lyrics, download options, or additional information about your songs.

Single Record

Video Library

Managing and displaying your own video library is a breeze with the AudioTheme plugin. Add your latest YouTube, Vimeo, or other supported video service by simply providing a URL. Hammer will handle the embedding and responsive video support.

Video Library

Sharing videos from your own site with individual video pages helps you increase your site traffic and exposure to your music.

Single Video


Hammer is fully responsive, allowing visitors to access your site on any device, from mobile to desktop.

Hammer Responsive Layout

Hammer also includes: