Nowell Changelog

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  • Upgraded jquery.cue.js to 1.2.4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the play/pause button to disappear after a playlist had ended.
  • Fixed an issue with the site-wide player not appearing after upgrading Cue.
  • Fixed a warning when trying to use count() in PHP 7.2.



  • Improved support for the new version of MediaElement.js in WordPress 4.9+. Please upgrade as soon as possible to ensure audio players will continue to work after updating WordPress.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.2.3.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to the latest version.



  • Added support for disabling links in tracklists in AudioTheme 2.1.0+.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to the latest version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the display of the author information on blog posts.



  • Updated the custom background size setting in the customizer to use the new background control introduced in WordPress 4.7.
  • Updated Genericons to version 3.4.1.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to version 3.3.0.
  • Updated http URLs to https in code comments and help text where possible.


  • Fixed a bug causing videos opened in the lightbox to be extremely small.
  • Updated jquery.colorbox.js to version 1.6.4.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to version 1.1.7.


This release splits CSS used for plugin compatibility into separate style sheets, which are only loaded when the corresponding plugin is active. If you're using a child theme, please read this support article to understand how this change might impact you.

  • Automatically loaded child theme style sheets.
  • Split AudioTheme plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Split Jetpack plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Renamed nowell_audiotheme_setup() to nowell_audiotheme_enqueue_assets().
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.1.6.
  • Added support for Cue Pro.


  • Allowed gig times to be formatted using the core time format option on the Settings → General screen.
  • Fixed alignment of the comment area header and form when displaying a sidebar.
  • Added microdata to archive descriptions.
  • Resized the Colorbox popups after they load to prevent images from being clipped in some browsers.
  • Prevented the sidebar in the content area from erroneously showing on record and video taxonomy archives.
  • Fixed a typoed HTML class name in the gig card template.
  • Deprecated nowell_version_id().
  • Updated Colorbox script to version 1.6.3.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to version 1.1.5.


  • Added support for custom fonts.
  • Refactored nowell_has_content().


  • Updated the Customer section title for theme options to "Theme Options."
  • Updated Google Fonts URL to always load over HTTPS.
  • Fixed gig map background image ratio to always fill the hero area.
  • Fixed hero media centering and sizing in IE.
  • Escaped internationalization function calls.


  • Used the track length field for the default duration when displaying track lists.
  • Cleared comment wrappers so they properly contain the reply form.
  • Wrapped menu and sidebar toggle buttons in tags for more styling control.
  • Updated all AudioTheme URLs to use https.
  • Prefixed some MediaElement.js styles to prevent conflicts with plugins.


  • Added French translation.
  • Limit custom audio and playlist styles to players generated by WordPress to prevent issues with third-party plugins.
  • Fixed the sidebar so it will display on the main blog page.
  • Fixed the order of hero media so videos can be played.
  • Added some spacing below the main content area on video archives.
  • Fixed a couple of incorrect text domains.
  • Removed track numbers from single track pages.


  • Fix featured content from displaying on the posts page.
  • Fix posts page content from not displaying.
  • Fix hero media display on smaller devices.
  • Fix Post Type Navigation z-index.
  • Fix comments link position in list view.
  • Fix list view layout for posts without a title.
  • Fix play status when clicking a progress/seekbar in tracklists.
  • Fix scrollbar from appearing in record overlays when playing a track.
  • Add a bottom margin to the record archive content area.
  • Move javascript detection out of header.php.
  • Remove permalink from gig links dropdown.
  • Update gig links dropdown from displaying at all times.
  • Update AudioTheme archive page titles to use the_audiotheme_archive_title()
  • Update nowell_content_navigation() to be more flexible by accepting an array of default arguments.
  • Update gig title to use get_audiotheme_gig_title().
  • Update display for summary and full text views.
  • Update document title compatibility checks.
  • Update terminology for record archive navigation.
  • Update missing and incorrect text domains.
  • Update search widget styles.
  • Update form styles.
  • Improve Google compatiblity for and microdata content.
  • Other minor styles and bug miscellaneous fixes.


  • A complete overhaul.


  • Prevent the hero images from being clipped in some browsers.
  • Remove hero slider scripts from archive pages.
  • Prevent errors on archives when there aren't any posts.
  • Updated the recommended header size to 215px wide.
  • Better post type checking for when there aren't any posts to display.


  • Add support for HTML5 galleries.
  • Update and simplify script enqueues. All vendor scripts are compiled and minified into plugins.js. The main.js file is not minified now. The main.min.js file has been removed.
  • Update blur script to Vague.js. Blur.js had cross-origin domain issues when using images not on your server (e.g. CDN).
  • Update nowell_hero_image_with_filter() to accomate for new blur script integration.
  • Update assets/js/customizer.js to accomate for new blur script integration.
  • Rename audiotheme/includes/extras.php to audiotheme/includes/hooks.php.
  • Remove unneeded THEME_VERSION constant in functions.php.
  • Remove Gig map on mobile devices to avoid hijacking mobile scrolling. A "Get Directions" link is now shown.
  • Move theme LESS files from assets/styles to assets/less.
  • Move AudioTheme LESS files from audiotheme/styles to audiotheme/assets/less.
  • Move AudioTheme JS files from audiotheme/js to audiotheme/assets/js.
  • Fix header image not displaying mobile devices.
  • Fix AudioTheme 404 page content feedback.
  • Other minor visual tweaks.


  • Update AudioTheme loader.
  • Fix horizontal scroll in lightbox on mobile devices.
  • Re-enable default search widget.
  • Add styling for default search widget.
  • Add styling for Twitter Widget Pro plugin.
  • Add download attribute to track download links and open links in new window.
  • Add markup to AudioTheme page templates.
  • Add full width background image functionality to customizer.js.
  • Namespace JS event handlers.
  • Prevent the archive settings screen from displaying on the Gigs archive.
  • Remove Jetpack sharing display from Hero title and description.


  • Initial release.