Promenade Changelog

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with a breaking change made in Jetpack 9.9 that caused an error notice to be displayed on the frontend. This updates the logo functionality to use the native WordPress logo feature and migrates the data. Be sure to check that your logo and site title display correctly after upgrading.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the playlist in the main homepage player.
  • Improved display of gig meta on single gig pages when a time isn't provided.
  • Stopped disabling the content on single gig pages even when the edit was empty. This allows filters to run so plugin can still append content.
  • Made hero images display full width in their containers.



  • Added styles to improve support for the block editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues caused by the jQuery upgrade in WordPress 5.6.



  • Added support for wp_body_open hook.
  • Improved appearance of AudioTheme Recent Posts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed page type archive pagination when used as the front page.
  • Fixed track meta from not appearing in IE or Edge.
  • Fixed social menu item label from displaying after WP 5.3 update.



  • Upgraded jquery.cue.js to 1.2.4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the play/pause button to disappear after a playlist had ended.
  • Fixed an issue with the site-wide player not appearing after upgrading Cue.



  • Improved support for the new version of MediaElement.js in WordPress 4.9+. Please upgrade as soon as possible to ensure audio players will continue to work after updating WordPress.
  • Added customizer settings to change the order of pages in the Grid page template.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.2.3.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to the latest version.

Bug Fixes

  • Added markup to the permalinks in gig summaries.
  • Fixed an issue preventing pagination links from showing in "page type" templates.



  • Added support for disabling links in tracklists in AudioTheme 2.1.0+.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to the latest version.
  • Replace the navigation JavaScript with wp-nav-menus.js to improve usability and accessibility.



Bug Fixes

  • Registered Eventbrite hooks after a connection has been established to prevent fatal errors. This only affects sites using the Eventbrite API plugin.


  • Made sure the popup and share buttons in Cue Pro are absolutely positioned.
  • Updated the handle for AudioTheme inline styles to match the handle in 1.8.0.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to include improved featured content updates.
  • Updated http URLs to https where possible.


This release splits CSS used for plugin compatibility into separate style sheets, which are only loaded when the corresponding plugin is active. If you're using a child theme, please read this support article to understand how this change might impact you.

  • Automatically loaded child theme style sheets.
  • Split AudioTheme plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Split Jetpack plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.1.6.
  • Added support for Cue Pro.


  • Removed the wp_title() template tag and added support for the core "title-tag" feature.
  • Added microdata to archive page descriptions.
  • Deprecated promenade_version_id().
  • Replaced the script for making widgets equal height on the homepage. The new script is better for performance and disables itself on smaller screens.
  • Improved the performance of the homepage audio player by working around a bug in MediaElement.js.
  • Prevented menu items from requiring a double tap on some versions of iOS.
  • Introduced a promenade_show_site_content_header_nav filter to allow the navigation links to be disabled.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to version 1.1.5.
  • Added support for the Eventbrite API plugin.
  • Minor style tweaks.


  • Added support for custom fonts.
  • Load the featured image on the main blog archive when it's set to use a static page.
  • Improved schema markup.
  • Removed text underline from block grid item thumbnail icons.
  • Prevent the 'Tagged as' label from appearing when there is only one category and no tags.
  • Added responsive table styles.
  • Refactored promenade_has_content().
  • Fix featured image issue when displaying latest posts on front page.


  • Added a Customizer control for changing the gig time format.
  • Disabled time output on single gig pages when the gig time is left empty.
  • Forced the default Google Fonts URL to load over HTTPS.
  • Pointed the "Leave a comment" link to the reply form rather than the top of the comments section.


  • Added support for Record Types and Video Categories in AudioTheme 1.7.0
  • Fixed an issue preventing checkboxes in the Customizer from saving correctly.


  • Added a "No Sidebar" page template.
  • Displayed the track length in track lists instead of "-:--" by default (the length needs to be saved when editing a track under Discography → All Tracks).
  • Fixed the layout and repsonsive styles for featured content on the homepage.
  • Allowed the home widget area to work with the "Full-Width" page template when its used for the front page.
  • Added a French translation.
  • Made numerous minor coding standard tweaks (whitespace, strict equality, etc).


  • Removed the hero image background color introduced in 1.5.0.
  • Fixed homepage widget appearance on mobile devices.


  • Added the ability to change the content on archive pages (Full Text, Summaries, Custom Excerpts, and none).
  • Added the ability to show featured images on archive pages (as Thumbnails or Post Headers).
  • Added support for selecting featured content without using Jetpack.
  • Removed the widget whitelist from the Home widget area.
  • Added a darker background color to hero images to provide a letterboxing effect.
  • Updated microdata to prevent errors and warnings in Google's testing tool.
  • Added promenade_entry_content_top and promenade_entry_content_bottom actions.
  • Fixed the background color on single gig pages when a custom background color is used.
  • Fixed the front page layout when there aren't any posts and the main sidebar has widgets.
  • Renamed Customizer scripts to follow WordPress core naming conventions.
  • Moved logic out of the audio player template (templates/parts/plyer.php)


  • Forced the logo image to use the full size when Jetpack is activated.
  • Updated to Genericons 3.3.0 (includes a new Spotify icon).


  • Update various colors to use RGBA values to better support custom background colors
  • Switch to using the full size image for logos to provide more control
  • Added the ability to define hero images on AudioTheme archive pages
  • Added microdata for videos
  • Centered the main content area when the main sidebar is inactive
  • Improved the appearance of WordPress audio players and playlists
  • Prevented clicks on the progress bar in track lists from toggling the play state
  • Hide audio player screen reader text introduced in WordPress 4.1 that may inadvertently appear
  • Allow the gig navigation to continue to show when there aren't any upcoming gigs


  • Update the main navigation to be more accessible.
  • Fix an issue with the site logo Customizer control not working due to changes in WordPress 4.1.
  • Display the venue address and country name separator by default on single gig pages.
  • Allow the featured image to display as a hero image on regular posts.
  • Define the MediaElement.js pluginPath for better support when it's loaded from a CDN.
  • Allow the default theme fonts to work in the editor.
  • Fixed the 'orderby' argument in related post queries to make them random.
  • Fixed the submenu icon size in IE.
  • Flipped the submenu icons when RTL mode is active.
  • Additional minor style tweaks to improve the appearance of various elements.


  • Fix front page player from not displaying.
  • Move the post parameter to the second position in promenade_block_grid() to make it more optional.
  • Hide entry author meta when only one author.
  • Unregister core Recent Posts widget when AudioTheme is active. Promenade supports AudioTheme's Recent Posts widget.
  • W3C HTML validation changes.
  • Formatting and styling tweaks.


Promenade launched on in July and many changes have been made to comply with their platform requirements. We've attempted to maintain backwards compatibility, but if you're using a child theme, please test before updating on a live site. Get in touch if you run into any issues!

  • Display the record menu on record type archive screens.
  • Added hooks for inserting content from child themes.
  • Added support for logos provided by Automattic's Site Logo plugin.
  • Simplified homepage set up by removing the Home page template and inserting widgets via the 'promenade_content_inside_bottom' hook.
  • Moved template partials in header.php into hooks.
  • Hide the previous/next buttons in the homepage player when there is only one track.
  • Replaced the jquery.atmep.js library with jquery.cue.js.
  • Enabled gig notes on archive listings.
  • Added an RTL editor style sheet.
  • Simplified text in the upcoming gigs widget so it's easier to update.
  • Removed the "Gig Description" heading from gig pages.
  • Renamed promenade_is_full_width_page() to promenade_is_full_width_layout().
  • Fixed the archive link in the Recent Posts widget when displaying regular posts.
  • Fixed the logo alt text.
  • Many other minor code changes.


  • Moved the home.php template from /audiotheme to /templates.
  • Updated the playlist toggle icon to get rid of the divider that displayed when changing the background.
  • Added a negative horizontal margin to archive nav menus to align with the site content title.
  • Set the z-index on .site-content so it will always appear below the main navigation's dropdowns.
  • Updated the theme screenshot to 880x660.
  • Reset post data after a grid loop has run.
  • Updated the front page to only display content elements if content is available.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate header images if a full width page is set as the front page.
  • Added itemprop attribute tot he front page template.
  • Check the show_on_front option to determine if the front page should show posts or a page.
  • Prevent audio from playing when clicking a link in a track list.
  • Added the theme slug to the jquery.atmep.js script handle when enqueueing it.
  • Added an option to toggle the looping feature in jquery.atmep.js.
  • Fixed typos in the theme description header.
  • Prefixed jQuery script filenames with 'jquery'.
  • Unminified scripts. A plugin can be used to concatenate and minify these.
  • Namespaced events in jquery.atmep.js.
  • Removed text-rendering: optimizeLegibility styles.
  • Remove the top offset on hero images at mobile sizes to remove the gap.
  • Renamed includes/plugins.php to includes/wporg.php.


  • Allow Social Icons to be displayed via a Custom Menu. Menu must be named "Social".
  • Adjust Featured Content display to show when there are 1 or more posts tagged as featured.
  • Use the generic single_term_title() to display section titles for categories, tags, and other terms.
  • Consolidate site content header template parts.
  • Introduce a compatibility file for WooCommerce with default theme wrappers to start.
  • Improve disallowed widget notifications in customizer.
  • Add the widget title to the upcoming gigs widget template.
  • Improve WP playlist styles.
  • Remove dark media element player style; WP removed option to select light or dark skin.


  • Fixed issue where mobile navigation would stay open after resize.
  • Moved related posts customizer option to AudioTheme compatibility file.
  • Updated related posts and block grid classes attribute.


  • Initial release.