Artist Spotlight: Birds Over Arkansas

Artist Spotlight: Birds Over Arkansas

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Birds Over Arkansas, a collaborative, cross-state effort yielding a truly unique sound that mixes singer/songwriter sensibilities with progressive rock rhythms.

We caught up with John Mondick to learn more about BOA’s music, upcoming projects, and what they like most about AudioTheme and the Nowell WordPress Theme.

AT: What’s your story? How did Birds Over Arkansas get together?

JM: Birds Over Arkansas formed in 2011 when Scott Haskitt, Laura Hartshorn, and myself discovered that the product of our musical experimentations was greater than the sum of its parts.

Although we reside in different states (Scott and Laura live in New Haven, CT, while I (John) live in Philadelphia, PA), we continued our long distance collaboration after realizing that the spark of creativity and collaboration we had forged could not be duplicated by working on our own or with other musicians.

AT: How would you describe the music that you play?

JM: We write music that infuses heartfelt lyrics, infectious melodies, and complex rhythmic structures – we think of it as combining singer/songwriter sensibilities with progressive rock rhythms. If Ryan Adams and Frank Zappa started a band together, we would go out on tour with them.

AT: What’s your most popular/fan favorite song? Where can we hear it?

JM: Our song that has received the most attention is Catapult, from our Behind The Lights EP. It has a fairly complex rhythmic structure, but you can still sing along to it. You can listen to it on our website.

AT: What’s your favorite thing about your AudioTheme website or the AudioTheme plugin?

JM: The thing we like most about our AudioTheme website is the ease to maintain, edit, and adapt our site as our needs change. All the functionality is there to keep our website functional and looking professional. AudioTheme truly is a complete music website solution.

AT: Is there anything new or exciting that you can share with us? What’s next for BOA?

JM: BOA is now working on recording the follow-up release to Behind The Lights. For this album, we are experimenting even further with non-traditional song structures and quirky time signatures. This will be a full length album, released on both digital and vinyl formats.

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