Huesos: A Functionally Sound WordPress Theme for Musicians

Huesos: A Functionally Sound WordPress Theme for Musicians

We’re beyond excited to announce our latest WordPress theme, Huesos (Spanish for bones), a functionally sound WordPress theme for musicians.

Why bones? Normally, we don’t think about bones until one malfunctions, but they provide the structure to these highly evolved vessels we call bodies. Without them we’d be a squishy mass of flesh and organs. On the surface they don’t seem complex, but bones are our foundation, our little pillars of support. That’s the kind of functional simplicity we tried to achieve with our latest theme, and thus the name — Huesos.

From what we’ve seen, people are looking for minimalism — they’re actually asking for it — something that they can project their own brand onto and imagine using. We took those ideas and created a theme that a new musician could use just as well as a veteran. In that way, Huesos is a website that can evolve and grow with you.

Site-Wide Jams

One of our favorite features is the audio player at the top of the page. At first glance, it looks similar to Cuebar, but where CueBar only plays predefined playlists, the Huesos player auto-populates any playable tracks/records throughout the site when a visitor clicks a play icon. Give it a try in the demo: on the homepage you’ll see a large album cover, which was added using an AudioTheme record widget. If you hover over the image and click the play icon, the default playlist in the site-wide audio player will be replaced with the tracklist from that record. And at mobile sizes the playlist is conveniently tucked away in an off-screen panel to the right.

Add Some Skin

You might also like the ability to set your own background color. It’s super easy via the customizer and and when you choose a color, the site’s text automatically responds to light and dark backgrounds so you’ll always have optimum contrast for better reading. If you prefer a background image, Huesos does that too.

More features include:

  • A widgetized homepage for featuring current and relevant content
  • Fully responsive with off-screen navigation and playlist menus at mobile sizes
  • Built-in styles for Easy Digital Downloads
  • The ability to upload your own logo
  • A widget-enabled sidebar
  • Full-width page templates
  • A social icon menu

Huesos has been a long time in the making; we wanted to get the details just right. Check out the demo and let us know what you think. For a more complete look at the features visit the product page or view the Huesos handbook for a guide to help you get started.

Huesos Video Overview

[audiotheme_video id=”5154″]