Behind the Scenes of the New AudioTheme Design

If you’ve visited AudioTheme within the past couple of weeks you probably noticed we got a fresh coat of paint. If you’re new here, you might be wondering, “What exactly is AudioTheme?” That’s a good a question.

On one hand, it’s our company name. We sell audio-centric WordPress themes for people who make music (musicians, songwriters, bands, etc.). Our themes include functionality to manage discographies, gigs, venues, and video libraries. Powering all of those features, to make them portable from one theme to another, is a plugin we built — also called AudioTheme.

Huesos: A Functionally Sound WordPress Theme for Musicians

We’re beyond excited to announce our latest WordPress theme, Huesos (Spanish for bones), a functionally sound WordPress theme for musicians.

Why bones? Normally, we don’t think about bones until one malfunctions, but they provide the structure to these highly evolved vessels we call bodies. Without them we’d be a squishy mass of flesh and organs. On the surface they don’t seem complex, but bones are our foundation, our little pillars of support. That’s the kind of functional simplicity we tried to achieve with our latest theme, and thus the name — Huesos.

Artist Spotlight: Big Tree Bonsai

Since re-forming in 2010, Big Tree Bonsai has wasted little time carving a niche in the upper-Midwest music scene with their own blend of Americana, alt-country, and vintage rock.

The band’s bio describes their sound as “something evocatively familiar, yet completely new,” featuring driving rhythms, powerful harmonies, and deeply-rooted, lyrical themes of renewal, reflection, and redemption.