Say Goodbye to Shaken Encore and Hello to Encore

It’s hard to believe, but Shaken Encore, our very first theme, was released over two years ago. In internet years, that’s ancient.

AudioTheme, WordPress, and themes in general have seen major changes in that time and needless to say, we’ve learned a lot and improved the way we build themes.

With a bit of reflection and a lot of excitement, we’re saying goodbye to Shaken Encore and welcoming its replacement…

Huesos: A Functionally Sound WordPress Theme for Musicians

We’re beyond excited to announce our latest WordPress theme, Huesos (Spanish for bones), a functionally sound WordPress theme for musicians.

Why bones? Normally, we don’t think about bones until one malfunctions, but they provide the structure to these highly evolved vessels we call bodies. Without them we’d be a squishy mass of flesh and organs. On the surface they don’t seem complex, but bones are our foundation, our little pillars of support. That’s the kind of functional simplicity we tried to achieve with our latest theme, and thus the name — Huesos.

Introducing Promenade

Introducing Promenade, our latest music WordPress theme released on AudioTheme! While Promenade looks very simple by default, which it is, it also has a great amount of flexibility and control built in.

To showcase this, and highlight features not displayed in the theme demo, I decided to create an overview video much like we did in Introducing Nowell. While there isn’t enough time to show how to setup everything step by step, I’d like to think the overview video helps showcase Promenades simplicity in design, setup, and functionality.

Details on how to setup records, videos, gigs, and other AudioTheme framework content mentioned in the video can all be found via our support resources and documentation.

Introducing Nowell

Nowell is a 100% responsive WordPress music theme focused on clean simplicity from the front page to the archive pages. The idea behind Nowell was to simplify the home page and help focus visitors attention to content we want them to see. More often than not, music sites tend to be overloaded as far too much information on the home page, making it difficult for the visitors to focus and find what they’re looking for.