Artist Spotlight: Big Tree Bonsai

Artist Spotlight: Big Tree Bonsai

Since re-forming in 2010, Big Tree Bonsai has wasted little time carving a niche in the upper-Midwest music scene with their own blend of Americana, alt-country, and vintage rock.

The band’s bio describes their sound as “something evocatively familiar, yet completely new,” featuring driving rhythms, powerful harmonies, and deeply-rooted, lyrical themes of renewal, reflection, and redemption.


Bandmember Brandon Hagstrom did a first-rate job customizing the Americanaura theme and was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the importance of band websites and his experience using the AudioTheme plugin.

With the prevalence of social media and services that allow bands to create profiles, do you think it’s important for bands to have a website?

I am biased because I design and create websites. I would honestly say that it’s not an integral part of being in a band, but a well-made website can offer an all-encompassing one-stop location for the fans as well as talent-buyers looking to book bands. I do a lot of band website research and there are quite a few big-name bands out there with awful websites.

AT: What challenges do bands face in creating a web presence?

BTB: Expenses. The cost of even a decent to good web designer/developer can be overwhelming and can be then seen as a secondary/third expense. It helps to have a graphic designer and WordPress enthusiast like myself in the band πŸ™‚

AT: Why did you choose AudioTheme?

BTB: The AudioTheme interface, especially in congruence with the Americanaura WordPress theme, offered the up-front elements and unique plugins for the initial skeleton of the template that made it stand out above the rest of the potential themes we were looking at. The developers clearly took the time to research the needs of a musical artists’ website and created a very easy-to-implement, easy-to-navigate, and aesthetically pleasing theme. Some highlights we really like are the bottom bar music player, the shows template, and the discography section. Oh yeah! And it’s responsive. That sealed the deal for me.

AT: How has AudioTheme helped you?

BTB: As a band looking to take a more serious step into the music industry, AudioTheme helped bring to fruition the professional web presence we were seeking. A good website helps legitimize bands from a marketing standpoint and makes it easier for outside resources and fans to connect with us.

AT: Where should people go to find out more about you?

BTB: We can be found at the following links.
BandCamp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Don’t miss the band’s first full-length album, Awoken (due out December 10) and listen to the album’s debut single, titled “Rollin’ Down the Road,” below.