Say “Hello World” with Billboard

A Micro-landing Page for Introducing Your Ideas to the World

Say “Hello World” with Billboard

Thoughts are fleeting. Research. Content. Branding. Tweets are here today and gone tomorrow. Navigation. Photography. SEO. Status updates rapidly disappear the second they’re published. Design. Code. Email…

Getting started is overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

From idea to website, Billboard is the quickest way to introduce your concept to the world using WordPress.

The Backstory

Way back when we originally built Promenade, it included a pseudo-splash page we were calling the “Curtain.” We decided to nix it at the last minute, but really liked the concept and have be considering ways to revive it ever since.

Promenade went on to become our most popular theme. In the meantime, Squarespace released a feature they call “Cover Pages,” which we felt validated the idea.

Over the years of supporting our customers, we’ve also encountered countless “under construction” pages and a quick search of the plugin repository reveals just how popular — and overwhelming — plugins that provide that functionality are. One thing they all seem to be missing is the ability to preview the changes instantly (aside from most being fairly ugly and laden with advertisements).

With that in mind, we built Billboard. It’s a micro-landing page masquerading as a theme in a plugin that can be used to:

  • Create a hub to direct fans to social media profiles and digital retailers
  • Announce a new album, single, video or gig
  • Promote a presale or crowdfunding campaign
  • Set up a placeholder while building or redesigning your site

It’s managed entirely from the Customizer in WordPress so you can preview your changes in real-time. When you’re ready to make it live, just choose who should be able to see it and save your changes.

View the demo now and be sure to check out the Customizer to see how easy it is to get started.

Billboard is included free with any of our themes or it can be purchased on its own for $29.

What are you waiting for? Put your T.J. Eckleberg specs on and thumb your nose at “The Algorithm.”