Should you include lyrics on your website?

Should you include lyrics on your website?

The AudioTheme framework makes it super easy to include lyrics on your website. So why should you?

What’s that you said?

How many times have you heard a song and not quite been able to pick out the words? The most obvious way to remedy that problem is to search for the lyrics. This lands people on your site, and gives them a chance to check out the rest of your content, which has been well thought out and presented.


Music is all about connection. There is a reason people choose lyrics to express their feelings. It may seem silly, but being able to actually read the words you are hearing greatly increases your ability to process and retain information. Not to mention, people love being able to sing along with their favorite songs. I’ve even seen people pull up lyrics at shows just so they could join in.

Search content

Lyrics are some of the most searched for content across the web. In 2010, Microsoft announced that 10% of all internet searches are entertainment based, and lyrics make up 70% of searches in that category. Since that statistic was released, music consumption has become even more digital. Fewer people are buying physical CDs with lyrics written in the jacket, and are taking to the web to find that information. Including them on your website can be a big boost to your SEO.

Shareability and accuracy

When you can direct someone to a page that includes an mp3, cover art, and lyrics, it’s a lot more likely to be shared than numerous links across the web. Your fans will also be certain that the lyrics they’re reading are 100% accurate, as opposed to crowdsourced lyric sites where people submit their best guess.

Here’s how to do it

So now you realize the benefit of having lyrics on your site, how do you add them?

Watch the video on YouTube or read the documentation here.

PC Magazine: Google, Bing Turning Search Queries into Music


  1. What you had written about the searches is absolutely true. For me lyrics are the soul of a song. This is the useful information.

  2. Absolutely, Lyrics is life for any song and if you are running a website related to music you should with no question add lyrics too

  3. Yes, indeed lyrics are most searched even the stats shared are impressive. Also agree, lyrics website for artist is very useful where fans can read the most correct verses of song instead from the crowdsourced sites.

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