How To Use Your Website and Social Media Together To Interact With Your Fans

How To Use Your Website and Social Media Together To Interact With Your Fans

Your fans already respect you as an artist. Give them the chance to like you as a person.

While your website should tell your story and help people discover your music, social media should serve as a constant point of connection with your fanbase. Consider your website as the introduction, and your social media presence as the ongoing conversation.

When we consider the obsession our culture has with celebrities, it becomes apparent that people enjoy feeling like they know the people they respect. Even if you understand this, it may be overwhelming to try and pin-point the types of content you should be sharing. Here are a few tips on using your website and social media together to help you connect with your fanbase.

Be authentic

Your fans want to know who you are as a person. Consider how emotional your music is already. Do people enjoy it because they can relate to it? Can sharing small details about your life and personality make that emotional connection even stronger?

Ask for feedback

Everyone has an opinion, and everyone appreciates that opinion being valued. Get feedback on things like posters/cover artwork, merchandise design, and songs that should be included in your set.

Think about what your typical fans like

What kinds of activities do they enjoy? Can you pander towards or discuss things that they might also find interesting or be passionate about?

Reward the people who stick with you

Can you thank them in some meaningful way? Share some of your music for free, ask for cover requests and post videos specifically for them. Give something away — It doesn’t have to be fancy. Set lists, guitar picks, cds, and things like hand written lyrics are just one more thing that can help a fan feel like they’ve established a connection with you.

Do what works

When you find a type of content that seems to really resonate with your fans, stick with it! It will be obvious when you find strategies that work, so be sure to pay attention to the feedback you are getting.

Are you a social media pro? Let us know your suggestions for interacting with fans.

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