Installing AudioTheme


There are three basic components needed to install AudioTheme: WordPress, the AudioTheme plugin, and a compatible theme.

If you don’t already have WordPress installed, there are many resources available to help you get started. Some hosts will even install it for you. For more information, read Installing WordPress on the Codex.

WordPress 4.0 is currently the minimum version supported.

Installing the Framework

The AudioTheme Framework is a WordPress plugin that serves as the engine powering the music-oriented features of your site and only needs to be installed once. Updates will be delivered through WordPress automatically as long as your license is valid.

The process for installing the Framework should be familiar if you’ve ever manually installed a plugin before:


  1. Download the Framework from the Downloads section in your account. The file saved to your computer will be named in this format: audiotheme-plugin-{{version}}.zip.

If you don’t have an account, you will need to purchase the Framework or a theme first.

In Your WordPress Admin Panel

  1. Navigate to the Plugins → Add New screen
  2. Click the Upload link next to the “Add Plugins” screen title
  3. Click the button to find and select the Framework file you saved to your computer
  4. Click the Install Now button to upload and install it
  5. If the plugin installed successfully, you will see a link that says Activate Plugin — go ahead and click it
  6. You’re done installing the Framework!

Once you have the plugin installed and activated, be sure to enter your license key on the AudioTheme Settings screen in order to receive security updates and bug fixes for both the Framework and your theme.

If the last step didn’t work, the permissions on your server may require you to upload the plugin manually via FTP.

If the plugin was automatically unzipped when you downloaded it to your computer, you will likely need to change a setting in your browser. This usually occurs on Macs. You can either rezip the theme folder, download the file with another browser, or read the instructions for changing that setting here.

Installing Themes

Continue reading How to Install a Theme for step by step instructions on installing your theme.