Huesos Changelog

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  • Improved support for the new version of MediaElement.js in WordPress 4.9+.
  • Added support for disabling links in tracklists in AudioTheme 2.1.0+.
  • Replaced the navigation JavaScript with wp-nav-menus.js to improve usability and accessibility.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.2.3.
  • Updated Themicons to 2.3.1. Adds support for Mixcloud,, and Yelp and updates the Google+ icon in the social menu.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to the latest version.


This release splits CSS used for plugin compatibility into separate style sheets, which are only loaded when the corresponding plugin is active. If you're using a child theme, please read this support article to understand how this change might impact you.

  • Automatically loaded child theme style sheets.
  • Split AudioTheme plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Split Easy Digital Downloads plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Split Jetpack plugin styles into a separate style sheet.
  • Update gig times to use the core time format option when displaying.
  • Added styles for telephone fields.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the active sidebar from displaying on AudioTheme archives.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.1.6.
  • Added support for Cue Pro.


  • Added support for custom fonts.
  • Prevent long site titles from breaking outside of their container element.
  • Added a footer argument for Jetpack's Infinite Scroll support and adjusted styles.


  • Reorganized some code to make a compatible build.
  • Updated Themicons to 2.1.0.
  • Fixed hidden post titles when displaying posts on the homepage.
  • Fixed ticket purchase links in huesos_theme_audiotheme_tickets_html().
  • Forced Google Fonts to always load over HTTPS.
  • Fixed an incorrect template part calls in the video archive template.
  • Added huesos_main_top and huesos_main_bottom actions to AudioTheme templates.
  • Allowed for named sidebar templates in AudioTheme template files.
  • Added a sidebar to the search template.
  • Added responsive table styles.
  • Escaped internationalization function calls.


  • Added support for Record Types and Video Categories in AudioTheme 1.7.0


  • Added a French translation.
  • Updated translations functions to more secure alternatives.
  • Escaped output for additional security.
  • Added id attributes to nav elements to prevent microdata warnings.
  • Fixed the hover state for player controls.
  • Moved huesos_mejs_add_container_class() to functions.php.
  • Numerous minor coding standards tweaks.


To ensure we continually meet the highest standards, we had Huesos reviewed by the good folks at They worked with us to resolve a few minor issues and said it was one of the best coded themes they've reviewed!

  • Completely rewrote the site-wide player to better integrate it with record and track widgets and the track lists on record pages. It now queues up tracks and visitors can tailor their playlist as they browse the site.
  • Automatically open sub-menus of the current menu item in the primary navigation.
  • Added editor styles.
  • Display videos in video widgets in the homepage widget area.
  • Disabled widget titles in the homepage widget area when they're left empty.
  • Better aligned the site-branding (logo, title, tagline).
  • Show a featured image on the homepage if one is set.
  • Fixed an issue where the correct artist might not display on record archives.
  • Fixed the play icon in track lists when browsing with IE.
  • Prevent duplicate more links and account for custom more link text.
  • Improved styles for password protected post forms.
  • Fixed spacing of list items in widgets.
  • Prevented a horizontal scrollbar from showing in IE between 1280 & 1296 pixels.
  • Many other trivial fixes.


  • Fixed link post format icon blurriness.
  • Removed font subsets that aren't available for Pathway Gothic One.
  • Hid the "Posted on" label for link post formats.
  • Added postMessage support for the site description in the Customizer.
  • Changed the gig list wrapper elements to divs.
  • Ensured aelement always appears in definition lists.
  • Converted play buttons inside anchors to spans to prevent HTML validation errors.
  • Fixed button colors when a background image has been added.
  • Added a '.no-title' HTML class to posts without a title.
  • Fixed the navigation icons on AudioTheme archives.


  • Initial release.