Obsidian Changelog

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  • Updated Themicons to 2.4.0. Includes new social media icons for Apple Music, Threads, TikTok, and X.

Bug Fixes

  • Made the width of the track number cell on record pages wider to prevent the track number from stacking vertically in some cases.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with a breaking change made in Jetpack 9.9 that caused an error notice to be displayed on the frontend. This updates the logo functionality to use the native WordPress logo feature and migrates the data. Be sure to check that your logo and site title display correctly after upgrading.



  • Added styles to improve support for the block editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues caused by the jQuery upgrade in WordPress 5.6.



  • Added support for the wp_body_open hook.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented dangling commas by ensuring only the street address is visible in the address section on single gig pages.



  • Upgraded jquery.cue.js to 1.2.4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the tagline on the homepage to disappear when using the latest version of Jetpack.
  • Fixed an issue causing the play/pause button to disappear after a playlist had ended.



  • Added support for address formatting in AudioTheme 2.3.0.



  • Improved support for the new version of MediaElement.js in WordPress 4.9+. Please upgrade as soon as possible to ensure audio players will continue to work after updating WordPress.
  • Added support for disabling links in tracklists in AudioTheme 2.1.0+.
  • Replaced the navigation JavaScript with wp-nav-menus.js to improve usability and accessibility.
  • Updated Themicons to 2.3.1. Adds support for Mixcloud, VK.com, and Yelp and updates the Google+ icon in the social menu.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.2.3.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to the latest version.
  • Improved gallery item hover styles.

Bug Fixes

  • Set the default font for headings and content to "Open Sans" to fix issues when changing fonts.
  • Prevented longer site descriptions from being cut off on small screens.
  • Added Schema.org markup to the permalinks in gig summaries.



  • Updated the custom background size setting in the customizer to use the new background control introduced in WordPress 4.7.
  • Updated French translations.
  • Updated the Cedaro Theme library to version 3.3.0.


  • Added a "Grid Page" page template to display child pages in a grid.
  • Updated Themicons to 2.2.0. Adds support for GitHub, CD Baby, and Tidal icons in the social menu.
  • Fixed the main heading on singular post pages. It comes from the title of the page set as the "Page for Posts".


  • Removed the "Archive:" prefix from some archive titles.
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu could be duplicated in the Customizer.
  • Prevented the blog page title from being displayed on other archives.
  • Re-added CSS prefixes for better support on iOS 8.


  • Fixed a missing "play" icon in the tracklist on single track pages.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to version 1.1.7.


  • Allowed the gig time format to be configured using the core time format option. Go to Settings → General to change the Time Format option.
  • Prevented list bullets from being cutoff in content area.
  • Added an itemprop attribute to archive page content.


  • Added support for custom fonts.
  • Improved support for full-width background images on mobile/iOS devices.
  • Fixed threaded comments by removing max_depth argument.
  • Improved schema markup.
  • Fixed the font family for numbers in track lists.


  • Added responsive table styles.
  • Fixed visibility of some elements in the visual editor.
  • Escaped internationalization function calls.
  • Fixed an issue with some page titles being clipped on smaller screens.


  • Fix the alignment of the icon in the mobile navigation toggle button.


  • Improved the appearance of the homepage in IE10+.
  • Improved the appearance of widgets, discography and video grids in IE10+.


  • Added a new Customizer control for using a different logo on the homepage.
  • Added French language files.
  • Improved the homepage display in IE10+.
  • Forced Google Fonts to load over HTTPS.
  • Added a border to buttons when using the default black background.
  • Fixed a typo in the 'gig-location' class name.


  • Added support for Record Types and Video Categories in AudioTheme 1.7.0
  • Changed the theme options Customizer section title to "Theme Options."
  • Added post message support for the site description in the Customizer.
  • Fixed an issue preventing checkboxes in the Customizer from saving correctly.
  • Added a search results template.
  • Added styles for links in the editor.
  • Updated the styles for native playlists.
  • Other minor style updates.


  • Added missing MusicEvent microdata.
  • Displayed the track length in track lists instead of "-:--" by default (the length needs to be saved when editing a track under Discography → All Tracks).
  • Prevented a message for editors from showing to visitors when there aren't any published gigs.
  • Fixed the font for the track numbers in track lists.
  • Simplified some strings to make them easier to translate.
  • Updated translations functions to more secure alternatives.
  • Escaped output for additional security.


  • Initial release.