How to be an Entrepreneurial Artist

Listen as business coach, public speaker, author, and sing/songwriter Matthew Moran discusses the importance of running your music career like a business as part of an entrepreneurial artist.

In this short interview, Matthew and Anna discuss some of the myths and most commonly made mistakes that prevent musicians from developing their careers. Matthew also shares his top actionable steps for getting started on your marketing efforts today.

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Accelerate Your Music Career by Treating it Like a Business

It’s 2015 and you’re ready to get serious about your music. You might have a multitude of goals you’d like to accomplish: maybe you’re ready to make the jump from hobby to career, maybe you’re ready to produce your album, or maybe you’re ready to play your first show.

So how do you do it? How can you accelerate your music career? How can you turn your dreams into reality and create a plan with actionable steps?

Effectively Using Videos to Promote Your Music

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, and the platform reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable television network.*

Some of the biggest names in music right now got their start by uploading videos to different platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. Boyce Avenue started off recording cover videos and are now the most subscribed to YouTube artists. Tyler Ward will tell you that his social media fans are what made it possible for him to have a career in music.

So how can musicians utilize videos to their best ability? Here are just a few ideas.

How to Connect with Influencers in the Music Industry

Connecting with influencers in the music industry is one of the most daunting tasks for musicians. We tend to think, “if I could only get my demo in front of the right person, I’d be sure to land a record deal” or “if I had the right agent, I’d be selling out amphitheaters.”

The truth is, this is completely backwards from the way we as musicians should be thinking about connecting to powerful people.

The best way to connect with influencers in the music industry is to be able to bring value to them as well. Don’t just expect them to help you out, put you in contact with important people, or drop everything to listen to your cd. Read on for a few ways to make yourself more appealing to influencers.

How To Use Your Website and Social Media Together To Interact With Your Fans

Your fans already respect you as an artist. Give them the chance to like you as a person.

While your website should tell your story and help people discover your music, social media should serve as a constant point of connection with your fanbase. Consider your website as the introduction, and your social media presence as the ongoing conversation.

When we consider the obsession our culture has with celebrities, it becomes apparent that people enjoy feeling like they know the people they respect. Even if you understand this, it may be overwhelming to try and pin-point the types of content you should be sharing. Here are a few tips on using your website and social media together to help you connect with your fanbase.

Optimize Your Artist Website for Positive Results

In today’s world, most music buffs are searching online first for information on their favorite artists. The Internet has also proven to be a popular discovery tool, giving new and emerging artists an opportunity to lure new fans and followers with their digital assets.

Unfortunately, some websites are a never-ending maze, with dead-end roads and confusing stops along the way. Visitors can easily get lost, meaning less attention for your songs and touring schedules. As an artist, building a better website is important for maximizing your visibility and developing a strong online presence. In the coming weeks, we’ll hone in on each of the following components to provide further tips and techniques on how to deliver a first-rate visitor experience on your artist website.