Artist Spotlight: Coffeehouse

Update: Coffeehouse is now Kapitol.

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Coffeehouse, a 4 piece Chilean rock / pop band attempting to break through and conquer the international market. Coffeehouse is currently promoting their second single — Night Cruising.

We caught up with frontman, Francisco Martinez to learn more about Coffeehouse’s music, upcoming projects, and what the band likes most about their Promenade theme.

Artist Spotlight: Tim Snider

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Tim Snider. Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Tim writes emotionally charged music that spans several genres.

A deep connection to his first love — the violin, an interest in many different styles of music, and diverse experience of many different cultures gives his music a unique sound and energy that is easy to connect with.

We recently caught up with Tim to learn more about his musical experiences, upcoming projects, and what he likes most about his Americanaura theme.

Artist Spotlight: Big Tree Bonsai

Since re-forming in 2010, Big Tree Bonsai has wasted little time carving a niche in the upper-Midwest music scene with their own blend of Americana, alt-country, and vintage rock.

The band’s bio describes their sound as “something evocatively familiar, yet completely new,” featuring driving rhythms, powerful harmonies, and deeply-rooted, lyrical themes of renewal, reflection, and redemption.